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Where did the idea come from?..

Ceila: In 2010, whilst visiting Ladakh, in the Himalayas, we found ourselves caught in a dramatic flash flood, caused by an unusual and sudden cloud burst. The torrential rain precipitated massive landslides throughout the region, which badly destroyed homes, bridges and the airport. We were extremely fortunate, the people we were with from Ladakh were incredibly kind, they put our safety before even theirs and helped us evacuate through Kashmir. In the midst of this daunting disaster, we: Sabine, Philipp and I vowed ” if we made it to safety, we would come back, and return the LOVE these warm people gave us ” Instigated by Sabine, that’s exactly when -From You With Love- was born, high in the mountains of Ladakh – as a wish to reciprocate the generosity given to us.

Tell us about the bracelet?

Sabine: As I am a goldsmith/ jewelry designer, it felt natural to me to create a meaningful bracelet that could be sold to help children in need. I especially wanted it to reflect our beautiful, yet traumatic journey – The Tibetan Dorje inspired me to create this bracelet.  Just as we experienced a sudden change, in time the “cross” and the beads may eventually change color too, simulating as in the Bhuddist tradition, the impermanence of life. My hope is that the bracelet reminds the wearer, the importance to look out for one another every day … whilst feeling a kind of protection.


What are your long-term goals?

Phillipp: Our project continues to support children with Education at the Phukthal Monastic School in Zanskar. Currently this school sits ominously on the face of a steep mountain, which is also a tiresome one day trek from any road. Following a recent tragic incident, construction for a bigger school began this year, which is within easy reach for the children and on safe ground. We want to help finish build this school by summer 2014!! At the same time, we are honored to be starting to work Isha Vidhya foundation movement to boost education in Rural India, giving thousands of disadvantaged children from remote villages, who barely have access to water and power, a chance in Education, to be inspired to learn, create and transform themselves and their communities.

- creating a sense of hope and unity – FROM YOU WITH LOVE

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