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The Phuktal Monastic School

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The Phuktal School is in Zanskar (often transliterated as Phugtal), in the Himalayan region of Ladakh, Northern India, built high on the face of a mountain around a natural cave, believed to have been visited by important sages. To reach it is a long day’s walk from the nearest road which is in Padum, all supplies are still brought by horse or donkey. Students attending the school pay no fees, most are from the surrounding farming communities of the Lungnak valley, whose families are some of the poorest and least educated in all of Zanskar.  Room, board and all educational materials are provided by the monastery with the help of ongoing supporters.

We are supporting the The Phuktal Monastic School, in Zanskar. Our goal is to help them with building their new school in the valley, where the children can be educated and play in a safe environment.


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