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With Love “Classic”


£ 35.00

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 With Love “Classic”


The “classic” Bracelet is inspired by the Tibetan Dorje. It represents spiritual power, which means ‘thunderbolt’ – thought of as a spiritual weapon to banish non truth and bring in the truth. When worn it reminds the wearer just like a diamond, the indestructibility of knowledge. With time the brass Dorje will naturally change color, symbolizing as in the Bhuddist belief; the impermanence of life. The Bracelet will arrive inside a Tibetan Flag cotton pouch, printed by and to support a Bhuddsit community in India.

“We wanted to create a bracelet, which reminds the wearer, the importance of looking out for one another” – Sabine Roemer


- easy pull on/off adjustable string Bracelet

- fit’s any size wrist (girls+boys:)

- Dorje 20mm x 20mm is made of brass ( alloy of copper+zinc)

- beads are 5mm made of wood


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