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isha VIDHYA – Educating Rural India

“How deeply you touch another life is how rich your life is “ – Sadhguru

” Grieving the destruction we left behind in Ladakh due to the sudden flash flood natural disaster, having hardly slept or eaten in nearly a week we arrived in Delhi from Kashmir, distraught and shattered beyond belief. Sabine and Philipp eager to get started on FYWL immediately, were able to fly back to Europe the same day, whilst my flight was two days later. All I wanted to do was be quiet, contemplate, retreat – and the idea of going to an Ashram somewhere in India felt appealing, but I felt too exhausted to plan it. Yet, during those 48 hours in Delhi, strangely enough by simply following my instincts and incredible as it was, I found myself two days later mysteriously guided to an ashram I had no knowledge about – located in the south of India was Isha Yoga Centre, founded by a yogi named Sadhguru.

Arriving there was an utter surprise, I was excited to discover I somehow managed to stumble upon a little paradise. Surrounded by the Velliangiri lush green mountains was this pristine beautiful place; with everything you expect in a picturesque small town and much more, yes, not at all what one would imagine an ‘ashram’ to be like. Instantly, I was struck by the many happy and bright faces that busily roamed the ashram with the many activities that it takes to run it. I couldn’t help but notice the intensity of their dedication, and the high level of willingness the 1000 or more Isha volunteers went along their daily duties; it triggered an inspiring mental note – to give more of myself than ever before, with a big smile I might add. Steeped in an environment that allowed me to experience inwardly more than I ever thought possible, I stayed for longer than I imagined.

During this time, I attended many celebrations there, one being the opening of the impressive Isha Home School. It was there I learned about ISHA VIDHYA – education rural India , an educational initiative to empower underprivileged children from remote rural villages lacking access to basics like water, power and education, where the majority of the population astoundingly survive on an income of less than $2 a day! I also heard- India’s poorly run government schools comprise of 95% of all schools, with over 40% of class 2 students unable to read even basic words. This is where Isha Vidhya intervenes and provides free education, purely backed by generous donors who are keen to give disadvantaged children a chance to realize their full potential and to free themselves out of poverty. So far 9 schools have been set up in villages across India with approximately 4000 students, impacting 200 villages – all remarkably reliant on community involvement and the support of innumerable volunteers.
We regard our collaboration with Isha Vidhya an immense honor, being a part of this consequential movement to boost education in these much needed deprived communities, allows us the opportunity to keep moving forward in our plight to help children who are in need of hope and an opportunity to create a better life.


As we look ahead – grateful for your generosity, we optimistically hope to help build schools with Isha Vidhya and to keep encouraging many many more children to learn, create and transform.

with some of ours sales of our silver bracelets, for each of those sales
= ONE child will receive a Kit of  INNOVATIVE LEARNING MATERIALS
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Appreciatively, FROM YOU WITH LOVE -

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