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Zanskar Valley is one of the most remote valleys in the Himalayas, due to the snow that blocks the mountain passes, it remains cut-off from other parts of the world for more than seven months of the year. In August 2010, within a few days of a much anticipated adventure in the Himalayas, we were suddenly caught in an alarming situation – a torrential downpour caused catastrophic destruction throughout the Ladakh region.

Owing to an unusual dramatic flash flood ‘cloud burst’ landslides resembling mini earthquakes annihilated the roads surrounding us, whilst villages, homes, bridges and the airport were all badly destroyed. Fortunately, we were very lucky to be in the company of immensely caring and warm people from Ladakh, Zanskar Valley; it was their exceptional kindness that helped us evacuate to safety through Kashmir – and that is exactly when and where ‘From You With Love’ was born; high in the mountains – as a wish to reciprocate the warm assistance we were given.
Once safely home, we thought the most valuable gift we could offer the people of Ladakh, would be to support their children with an education; so that it may bring hope and transformation into their arduous life.
We want to give back the generosity they showed us, by helping their children to go to school.

Our team chose to focus on “EDUCATION” because we believe it is the essential basic start in life – no matter what race , girl or boy.
Our feeling is that education gives children a chance to learn, it teaches children how to learn, and if they can learn anything, then, they can then learn to create a new World- and transform not only their lives but also their community.
In our heart of hearts we want to reach out to as many children as we can, especially the children that as a result of the floods, became orphans. We are fiercely committed, and our intention is to champion education throughout the remote regions of the Himalayas and India, most particularly now The Phuktal Monastic School – it is perched high on the face of a steep mountain in the Himalayas, to reach it involves an incredible tiresome quite dangerous full day trek from the nearest road. Unfortunately not so long ago, a significant and heartbreaking incident happened; whilst playing on the rocks during school hours a little boy tragically fell to his death. This fatal event, triggered an urgency to build a safer school on flat ground in the valley.

We are delighted to announce “construction of the new school has begun!” Nonetheless, we are aiming high and ultimately hope with your generosity and magnanimous support, to finish building the new Phuktal Monastic School by July 2014!

Similarly, we feel a deep obligation to assist these children from the Zanskar Valley to help keep their culture intact; practiced for thousands of years, passed from one generation to another.
For more details please read Tanzin’s story and learn more about the many days he had to walk, over the high Himalayan passes in order to get an education.
Our long-term vision is to continuously surge on to help children in need with an Education, and from You with Love continue to serve other remote parts of the Himalayas and India.


FROM YOU WITH LOVE , we thank you!!

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